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Tara Anderson

Central US, Mid Market Manager
Houston, TX
I love meeting new people and have been supporting K-12 EDU for more than a decade, with a passion around technology and education. Normal daily conversations with EDU are generally around one of these, but feel free to strike up a conversation about anything:
*Interest in AWS Immersion Days, AWSome Days or Tech Training opportunities being planned for parts of Texas for EDU.
*How to go from Disaster Recovery to Business Continuity on the FLY...
*Ways to extend VDI for Project Lead the Way classes or extend the life of their current CTE lab hardwareby using AWS Appstream Graphic Design Images (GPU instances 1:1 instances per user) for heavy CTE apps (works great with Chromebooks).
*Where EDU generally starts with AWS and how we work collaboratively with customers
*Ed-Fi on AWS (Cloudformation template = Ed-Fi Infrastructure Implementation made EASY)
*AI in EDU and partners who specialize in it
*TX DIR AWS Contract specifics, how to incorporate cloud with bond funds and partners who have local cooperative contracts and services